Booosie talked about Jay Z getting involved:  

“The people got it wrong,” Boosie said. “The owner of my reality show, he know Jay. We started losing advertising, he like, ‘Imma call Jay. Jay can put you on the line with Dwyane Wade and y’all do some shit. We clear this shit up and go get the bag. Whoopty woo. Jay can make it happen.’ He the one who can make it happen. He from New York, my boy from New York. I was just like, no, bruh. No, I ain’t…I stand what I stand on. I don’t feel I said nothing wrong to apologize for.”

He also spoke about his own mother getting involved. 

“..his mother “got on [his] ass about the situation.” He added, “That’s where I got that line from, ‘Who am I to judge?’ ‘Cause she kept saying that. And I just made the song,” referring to his single, “Who Am I to Judge,” which he released in April. The rapper thought she was just trying to “get in [his] head to flip [him]” and he wasn’t here for it. “I ain’t apologizing,” he said.”

And lastly he doubled down on Wade’s daughter: 

“I feel kids can’t make decisions like that at that age and I just believe in traditional values, that’s all,” he continued. “And people took it the wrong way but I wasn’t trying to harm nobody about it. I don’t have nothing against nobody or nothing like that.”

There won’t be any backlash this time. 

If anything he should get a little respect for sticking to his guns.  

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