A ‘double knockdown’ is one of the rarest sights in boxing, but that is exactly what happened at an event in Florida when Irosvani Duvergel and Jerhed Fenderson both hit the canvas after connecting shots simultaneously.

Duvergel, who has won half of his fights by KO, connected with a strong right hook in a third round exchange as Fenderson retreated to the ropes, sending the American plummeting to the mat. However, at almost exactly the same time, Fenderson landed a shovel uppercut to Duvergel, sending the Cuban sprawling to the ropes and onto his back.

Watch below: 

He immediately rises back to his feet and instructs the referee to count Fenderson, who would beat the count. The drama wasn’t limited to that, as the third round contained a further TWO knockdowns.

Somehow both fighters managed to go the full distance. 

That’s a great boxing match.  

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