Where to bet on boxing

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Types of boxing bets

For fans of spectacular boxing, and especially for those who also prefer it as an object for betting, several characteristics should be noted. This is not a team sport, there is no need to collect an immense amount of information about each of the players. Another plus is that the fights of top athletes are widely covered in the media. This makes it pretty easy to find a lot of really important information. 

What to bet on in boxing:

  • Early victory

In a bet on an early victory, you have to predict who will be the winner, but that’s not all. This victory must not be awarded by points, but declared before the end of the last round of the fight. The odds for such bets are correspondingly much higher than for the bet on the outcome.

  • Outcome

A bet on the victory of one of the boxers. There is also the option to bet on a draw. It is worth remembering that a draw is rare. It absolutely does not matter how the fight will be won: on points, by knockout or a technical defeat will be awarded to his opponent, it is only important to predict the winner of a particular fight.

  • Round win

A bettor bets on the victory of a particular opponent in a particular round. Specifying the round accordingly. There is also the possibility of betting on ranges, for example round 4-7.

  • Total rounds

It often happens that the fight ends ahead of schedule. Therefore, a forecast is assumed for the number of rounds, whether they will be more or less than the specified value.

  • Way to win

Here you need to predict whether the victory of one of the opponents will be awarded by the judges, or whether the boxer will win by knockout or technical knockout due to the refusal or disqualification of his opponent.

There are also betting options of the type “YES” or “NO”:

  • Will there be a knockdown in the match?

All you need is a positive or negative answer.

  • Full fight

The bettor bets on whether the fight will continue until the very end. Again, just yes or no.

Pros and cons of betting on boxing

Everything has its positive and negative sides. Boxing is no exception. Let’s look into the intricacies of this sport. 

Let’s find out what are the benefits of betting on boxing. First, it is an individual sport. This means that the fighter is for himself. There is no attachment to other people, there is no need to analyze the whole command staff. Only one athlete. So it is much easier to predict the possible mistakes of a fighter, or vice versa, his advantages that can affect the result. Secondly, as a rule, the media provide everything you need to know about the fighters in order to do your own pre-match analysis.

What about the disadvantages of betting on this sport? We must not forget that there is always the possibility of winning due to a “lucky hit”. Such a lucky punch can be made by any boxer. From time to time there are judicial scandals. It happens that a local athlete or favorite is declared the winner. Provided that the enemy looked better. And then the revelations begin.

Today you can bet on boxing in many bookmakers, but we strongly recommend that you pay attention to our BetAndYou review, because it is, first of all, a reliable online bookmaker, where it will be most comfortable and safe to bet on boxing. From watching boxing, the blood freezes and the level of adrenaline clearly rises, but if you want to add a little excitement to these incredible sensations, then betting on boxing is what you need! Just try it and you won’t regret it.