Many people wonder, “How do I start boxing?” In most cases, parents choose for their children and take them to the box. But there are also people who as adults decide to start training. Everyone has their motivation. In this article, we will tell you about the basics of boxing for beginners. So everyone will be able to understand if he or she should take up this sport. If you do not like boxing, you can do martial arts you can do them in any city, as in any area there are sections on martial arts. The advantages of boxing:

  • Basic stance;
  • Basic leg movement;
  • Standard footwork;
  • The basic turning on the foot;
  • Video with tips from a professional.

Advantages of boxing:

The ability to defend yourself. In the modern world, there are dangers at every step, so self-defense skills will come in handy. Developing strength and speed, improving coordination, and building muscle mass. Opportunity to get rid of aggression.


Basic Stance:

Boxing for beginners is impossible to imagine without the basic rack. It teaches attack and defense at the same time. In the stance, you are protected and your hands are ready to attack. As you acquire new skills, you will develop more effective body movements and attacking abilities. You need to learn how to get into a proper stance. This requires that the toe of the front foot and the heel of the back foot be on the center line. The right hand should be placed on the backside. It is necessary to stand slightly bent at the knees. The head should be behind the gloves, and the eyes should follow through the gloves.

In boxing, training for beginners starts with learning the footstep and pivot tricks. The action can be tricky at first because many people have a habit of bouncing off the floor. In boxing, however, you have to keep your feet on the surface. This is to be constantly ready to attack, defend, etc. Also during jumping, we spend a lot of energy. Good footwork can be learned by instilling in yourself coordination.

The Standard Footstep.

In answer to the popular question, “Choosing boxing, where should a beginner begin?” – trainers recommend learning basic boxing footwork. The action boils down to stepping with the leading leg and then pulling up with the other leg. The technique encourages you to get your footing. This helps you attack and defend quickly against your opponent’s blows. The step-up prevents you from moving or crossing your legs, which prevents you from keeping your balance.

Turning on your foot.

This is another important technique. A U-turn is done on the front leg. This technique is used for defense, to get away from attacks, and to find new places to attack. The pivot on the leg is effective for counter-attacks because it allows you to move away from the attack when danger is imminent.


Boxing is a very dangerous sport, so they use boxing gloves to avoid injury, but still, the sport is very dangerous and many people do it for self-defense.