Boxing legends Don King and Bob Arum sit down with Mark Kriegel to put history behind them ahead of the upcoming Amir Imam vs. Jose Ramirez fight on ESPN. 

Bob Arum and Don King discussed a variety of topics, ranging from the talent of their current stable of fighters to politics and doughnuts.

King and Arum are more than epic antagonists. They’re an existential odd couple: Arum a lawyer from Brooklyn schooled at Harvard, and King a hustler from Cleveland schooled at the penitentiary. They produced a rivalry more vicious and enduring, (with an infinite supply of low blows, most of them inflicted by lawyers) than any of their fighters. 

Boxing promoters are just as famous as the boxers they promote. The business of boxing is one of the more corrupt, so are these guys the ones stirring the pot, yep, you bet. That’s how they make their money. Definitely legends in their own right.