Sunday was a great day to be a fan of Free Agency in the NBA. Fans and players alike sat back and enjoyed all the craziness. No had more fun with the spectacle that is NBA free agency than Bradley Beal.

Starting earlier Sunday morning, Beal had been active on Twitter, busy refreshing his feed just like the rest of us. 

Beal’s voiced his approval for Damian Lillard’s extension and laughed along with the rest of us at Spencer Dinwiddie’s reaction to the Nets’ free agent signings.

He was especially excited when the news broke that his teammate, Thomas Bryant, had re-signed with the Wizards.

Even as deals are made late into the night, Beal isn’t slowing down his tweets.

Great play by play from Beal. 

I think he’ll be alright, he makes a pretty nice living playing hoops too. He’ll make $25 million next season. 

It’s a fantastic time to be an NBA player. 

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