Former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant has made it clear that he would like to remain in the NFC East so he can get a couple of shots a year at his former team.  One of the teams he’s expressed some interest in is the the New York Giants.

Dez said in a recent interview with 105.3 The Fan’s Mike Fisher that it would be crazy to play with them.  He listed their current and potential offensive weapons, but left out receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Giants, got a hell of a defense.  They’re going to pay OBJ, so he’s coming back.  Playing with him, Sterling, the tight end, Manning?  Crazy.  They draft (Penn State running back Saquan Barkley with the No. 2 overall pick)?  That’d be crazy!”

Marshall appears to have heard about the snub for Bryant and sent one of his own on Instagram, he has since deleted it, but the message is clear.  He doesn’t want Dez in a Giants uniform.

It’s sad when former number one receivers are reduced to fighting with each other over a reduced role.  The Giants don’t need either guy.