Atlanta Braves’ broadcaster Joe Simpson was outraged by what the Los Angeles Dodgers players were wearing during batting practice.  We’re talking about practice?

Simpson called it an embarrassment that the Dodgers were wearing t-shirts and that Chase Utley didn’t have socks on and was wearing pants above the knee (shorts).

Via Awful Announcing:

“You know I grew up in the Dodger organization, and certainly was taught how to play professional baseball and how to do things the right way. I want you to look at some things going on today at batting practice here with the Dodgers. What do you see? You see t-shirts, you see Chase Utley with no socks, pants up over his knees, a t-shirt. This was prevalent with their whole team.”

At one point I thought Simpson was going to cry.  I’m sure he did.

“And if I were a Dodger fan, I’d be embarrassed. And I don’t know how Major League Baseball allows such attire when the gates are open and fans are watching. Chase Utley, I’ve had nothing but respect for him his whole career, I think he’s a great player, I thought he always played the game the right way. That was an embarrassment, what he had on during batting practice.”

Add batting practice attire to the list of unwritten rules that you’re not allowed to break.  I get some of the unwritten rules, but batting practice attire makes absolutely no sense.  Joe needs to relax a little.