Casey Urlacher, brother of Chicago Bears Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher, is among 10 people charged with conducting an illegal gambling business.

The 40-year-old, who’s also the mayor of Mettawa in Lake County, Illinois, is accused of acting as an agent for a multimillion dollar sports gambling outfit, recruiting bettors, facilitating their payments and then taking a cut of the money they lost.

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Urlacher is among 10 defendants charged Thursday with conspiring to illegally conduct a multi-million dollar sports gambling business based in the Chicago suburbs. The nine others accused include a Chicago police officer, Nicholas Stella.

Prosecutors say the alleged ringleader is 54-year-old Vincent DelGiudice of Orland Park, who allegedly went by the nickname “Uncle Mick.” They say he used an offshore online gambling platform.

At DelGiudice’s home, authorities said they seized a mountain of cash, gold, silver and jewelry.

In addition to being mayor Mettawa, which has a population of about 550 people, Casey Urlacher unsuccessfully ran for state senate a few years ago.

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