The conversation started around Instagram model Brittany Renner when she said she was releasing a book, assuming it was going to dish a lot of dirt about all the men she had slept with.  

Then we found out some details on her and Colin Kaepernick’s relationship. Colin reportedly wouldn’t buy her plane tickets. He forced her to spend her own money as proof she was really into him, and not just out to get his money. 

And now we have her latest rant. Apparently Brittany likes to go on Instagram and act bat sh*t crazy. 

Watch below:

Looks like she really cared about Colin, enough to buy her very own plane tickets to see him. When you care about someone you go out of your way for them. 

Her Words. Book sales must be slowing down. 

Colin is lucky he no longer has to deal with this lunatic. 

Check out more pics of Brittany below: