Everyone was hoping for Brock to return to the Octagaon, and that’s what it was looking like when his contract expired with the WWE. Unfortunately that was most likely him just using his leverage, and the WWE  ponied up to keep the Beast out of the cage. 

Per News.com.au: 

The contract states that WWE will pay the ex-UFC heavyweight champ $127,000 for every TV appearance he makes, even without wrestling. But when he does pull on his ring attire the real big money kicks in, Lesnar will net $637,000 per pay-per-view fight. Lesnar also receives a six per cent cut from his merchandise sales. And it is not a fixed-term contract — which allows WWE to use and pay him when they need him. The five-time world champion will be appearing on next week’s Monday Night Raw. He will defend his title against Reigns again in a Steel Cage Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia on April 27.

That’s a lot of money to put yourself in harm’s way. Good move by Lesnar, he’s not exactly a young guy, and who needs to fight for real, when you can just follow the script.