The Denver Broncos believe time ran out on the Kansas City Chiefs on a pivotal play in Kansas City’s game-winning drive Monday night.

“It definitely was at zero. The replay showed that,” Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall said. “The ref told us that the ref that was supposed to be watching it just missed it. … He told us that. The ref told us the guy that was supposed to be watching the clock just missed it.

The Chiefs overcame a 10-point Broncos lead in the fourth quarter with back-to-back touchdown drives in the final 12 minutes, 46 seconds in a 27-23 victory. Kansas City scored the game-winning touchdown on a 4-yard run by Kareem Hunt with 1:43 to play.

The Chiefs were faced with a third-and-7 with a little more than two minutes left in the game.

Replays showed that play clock was at zero before the Chiefs snapped the ball and should have been flagged for a five-yard delay of game penalty.

The play was allowed to continue and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes hit Demetrius Harris for a 35-yard gain, taking the Chiefs to the Broncos’ 11-yard line.

Kansas City scored three plays later on a Kareem Hunt four-yard run and won the game 27–23.

Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said that was the explanation he received as well. Harris added that he asked the officials to review the play with replay and was told it was not a reviewable play under the current rules.

The Refs have a pretty tough job trying to make everyone happy, but this is blatantly doing their jobs poorly. 

The refs are off to a tough start this season.