PGA bad boys Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka came to blow just hours after the United States’ heavy defeat to Europe at the Ryder Cup, so says the reports. 

One witness has since claimed Koepka threatened to “flatten” Johnson.

It is also claimed that Johnson and Koepka had an altercation on the flight over to the Ryder Cup in L’Equipe

Coincidentally, or maybe not, it was widely reported Dustin and Paulina’s relationship went through a rocky period last month, only to see them back together for the first time together while in Paris

So is Paulina and Brooks the reason behind this fight? 

One thing we do know is that Brooks has been liking all of Paulina’s posts, and these aren’t your run of the mill type photos. Brooks likes the hot ones. Brooks liked all three of Paulina’s IG posts in August. 

Check out the likes below: 

Where there’s likes, there’s fire.  

Maybe Brooks Koepka sliding into those DMs?