There aren’t really any clear cut reasons as to why Josh Rosen slipped to the number 10 pick in the draft.  For at least one team the reason they didn’t select him has to do with his girlfriend, Zana Muno, who is a UCLA volleyball player.

According to the Canton Repository, a Browns executive was rubbed the wrong way by being told to ask Rosen’s girlfriend about him.

“I was at an airport,” he said. “UCLA’s volleyball team was in front of me. You heard so much about Rosen. He’s this or that. We all know how people talk.

“So I asked one of the volleyball coaches, ‘What’s Rosen like?’ He said, ‘Aaaaa, you should probably ask his girlfriend. She’s one of the players. She’s over there.’

“I’m like, ‘All right coach. That’s good enough.’

“I don’t know what all this means, but there was something about him that bothered me.”

Wow.  This is one of the reasons the Browns didn’t draft Rosen.  What is going on in Cleveland?

If he caught a glimpse of Rosen’s girlfriend it would be a reason to draft him.  Guys like this one running the organization is why the Browns can’t have nice things.