Head Coach Bruce Arians came out of retirement recently so that he could take the head coaching job with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Arians has been known to hire females wherever he’s employed. 

While attending the league’s annual meeting, the Bucs new Head Coach was asked about whether or not he sees more women making their way to the NFL.

“I think back to the best teachers I’ve ever had, most of them are female,” Arians said. “Football, we’re glorified school teachers. So, why not take a great teacher of any gender and let them help your players?”

Arians thinks the NFL is just 5 years away from it being normal to see women on the sidelines coaching.

And, Arians says don’t be surprised if you see women coaches getting FIRED in the future — because it’s all part of the business.

“If they can’t do [the job], you get fired like everybody else.”

Arians is never afraid to speak his mind, and hire anyone he feels is qualified. 

Gender shouldn’t matter, but unfortunately in the NFL, it surely does. 

Like he said, one day a female hire won’t be news. 

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