Bryce Harper’s first game as a Phillie was a big spectacle. 

Using the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song as his walk-up music Saturday, Harper walked in each of his two plate appearances, taking one big cut each time.  

After the game, he complimented his new manager. 

Bryce Harper Joked he was NOT sure if he liked Phillies manager Gabe Kapler last year but now is 100% a fan! “When we faced him last year in September and they had like 45 guys or whatever they had in the clubhouse, switch this guy, switch that guy and our game was like 5½ hours so it was kind of tough to be able to go, ‘Oh yeah, I like this guy.’ But no, he’s great!

Being able to talk to him, sit down with him, get to know him on a personal level, he really cares. He’s genuine about what he does. He works hard. He’s passionate and that’s somebody you want at the helm. He’s somebody that really works hard each and every day.
When he looks better than half your team, also, with a shirt off, it makes you want to work hard too. He’s a great manager and I look forward to learning from him and picking his brain more here and there, just playing for him.”

Watch below: 

With the amount of coverage Bryce Harper is already receiving, this is going to be one long season. 

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