Bryce Harper won the Home Run Derby on Monday night at his home ballpark with his dad pitching.  Not everyone is happy with the results.  

There are losers who are complaining that Harper and his father cheated during the final round.  

So r we just ignoring the fact the Bryce Harper & his dad cheated & did not follow the rules of the #HomeRunDerby ? The previous hit ball must hit the ground before the next ball can be thrown to the batter. Harper needs 4 Home Runs taken away, video evidence. #Justice4Schwarber

Did the MLB want one of their biggest stars to win the Home Run Derby at his home ballpark?  Probably.  So did they let him break the rules in order to do so?  Probably.

More importantly, it’s the Home Run Derby, who the hell cares?

Hasn’t the MLB done far worse?  You know, like turning a blind eye to PED use for many years.