The Bryce Harper Sweepstakes was thought to have been down to the Dodgers, Yankees and Phillies.  But that isn’t the case.  His former team the Washington Nationals are still very much involved.

The team recently met with him for several hours and have offered him a contract on more than one occasion.

On Friday it was reported that the Washington Nationals latest offer to free agent Bryce Harper is “much more” than the $300 million that was reported.  A 10-year $300 million contract was their initial offer, that Harper rejected.

Jim Bowden is reporting that they’ve given him another offer with more money, although the details of the new offer aren’t known at this time.

The Nationals making a push to re-sign Harper is a bit strange.  Are they really interested in bringing him back or are they attempting to drive up his asking price? 

Time will tell.