Bryce Harper had dreams of roaming the outfield with Mike Trout in Philadelphia.  Those dreams came to an end earlier this week when Trout signed a 12-year, $430 million deal to remain with the Angels.Trout signed a 12-year, $430 million deal to remain with the Angels.

Harper spoke with the media on Wednesday and revealed that he reached out to Trout on Tuesday.  He also said he was very happy for Trout.


“I texted him [Tuesday] when the news broke. Very excited for what’s to come for him and his contract and his career and looking forward to it,” Harper said before getting his first spring training hit during the Phillies’ game against the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday. “He made the best decision for him and his family. The Angels made a great decision of making him the face of their franchise for a long period of time. Very happy for him.”

What are the odds that either one of these guys plays out their contract with their teams?  It almost never happens.

The 10+ year deals for ridiculous cash are normally traded away at some point.  So maybe one day Harper will get his wish and roam the outfield together.

Probably when they’re both past their prime, but that’s not important, is it?  Who needs to win when there’s money to be made?

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