Bryce Harper played a Spring Training game against the Yankees on Wednesday as a member of the Phillies.  The former Yankees fan says the team never contacted him during free agency.

Harper wasn’t exactly surprised he didn’t hear from the Yankees.  In fact, after the team acquired Giancarlo Stanton prior to last season, he kind of expected it.


“When they went out and got (Giancarlo) Stanton in that trade (with the Marlins),’’ Harper said…well that said it all.

The Yankees’ committed to taking on the bulk of Stanton’s $325 million contract last winter, and they weren’t biting even as Harper lingered in free agency this winter.

“I never heard from them,’’ Harper said evenly. “Everybody knew that growing up I was a huge Yankee fan, of course.

“But I’m happy with where I’m at and very excited to start my chapter with the Phillies.’’

This isn’t your father’s Yankees team.  They would have been tripping over themselves to sign Harper.

This version doesn’t have to make a splash signing every single off-season.  They’re taking a more measured, long-term approach. 

Something tells me Phillies fans will soon be wishing they took that approach as well.

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