Looks like the hottest free agent in baseball history is hanging out with his good buddy. The Cubs are reported to have tight budget limits this winter, but the growing suspicion is that Harper wants to play for the North Siders, and more specifically, he wants to play with his buddy Bryant. 

This comes to us via The Sports Daily

Harper, however, may have given a hint about one of the teams that is pursuing him, as he was spotted with Kris Bryant โ€” along with their wives โ€” at a New Yearโ€™s Eve party on Monday night.

These two have been long time friends, so not a huge deal that he’s with an old friend on New Years. 

That being said, Bryce knows being seen with the Cubs third baseman is going to set off alarms around the league. 

The Cubs with Harper would be a sight to be seen. 

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