The entertainment again came from the drivers in this weekend’s iRacing event, most of whom streamed their gaming experiences for fans to eavesdrop on the action and the arguing. Clint Bowyer was the in-race reporter and again delivered a hilarious performance.

“I got Bubba’d!” Bowyer shouted after he was moved out of line by Bubba Wallace. “I need a beer really badly.”

Wallace appeared to “rage quit” the race after the incident. “That’s why I don’t take this (crap) serious. Peace out,” Wallace said on his gaming stream.

After fans ripped him on Twitter, he laughed at how seriously some are taking iRacing with his response.

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“I ruined so many peoples day by quitting … a video game,” he wrote. “Bahaha. A video game. Damn quarantine life is rough.” He also admitted to rage quitting in a second post.

Shortly after the incident, Wallace took to Twitter to mock the blowback from his decision to rage-quit and, if it wasn’t clear already, he made it known he wasn’t taking any of this too seriously. 

Unfortunately, one of Wallace’s sponsors — joint/muscle cream Blue-Emu — didn’t take too kindly to his flippant attitude and decided to pull their sponsorship.

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