In the second half of Butler’s 84-69 win over Creighton on Saturday, Bulldogs head coach LaVall Jordan split his pants.  The unfortunate situation was the result of a bad call and forced Jordan to coach the rest of the game with a towel around his waist.

After the game, Jordan addressed the pants split by saying that he, “literally coached his butt off.”  He also credited Providence head coach Ed Cooley with helping him think of wearing a towel after a similar pants splitting moment happened to him.

Via Indy Star:

Jordan started off his postgame press conference by saying, “I literally coached my butt off and I think the guys played their butts off.”

Creighton coach Greg McDermott had some fun with it, too.

“If that happened to me,” McDermott said, ” I know that towel he had wasn’t near big enough.”

It looks like the holidays hit Jordan hard.  How else do you explain splitting your pants?