For the first time since the Super Bowl, we’re hearing contradictory information from inside the team indicating that Gurley was still dealing with knee issues.

It came Wednesday from C.J. Anderson, who opened up about Gurley’s struggles with Skip Bayless on “Undisputed.”

“He was more hurt than what we thought,” Anderson said.

“The injury was a little bit more than what everybody in the building thought, including himself.”

“Yeah, he’d never really tell me,” Anderson said. “It was tough. I would say sprained knee. Obviously, it’s the same knee injury he’s had before in his career. Obviously I had surgery on my meniscus, and once you have a knee, you always have a knee. So it aggravates, and if he was getting a lot of touches earlier in the year — obviously him being one of the best running backs, that probably was the case.”

Not giving the MVP the ball during the playoffs made no sense. It was obvious something was off with Gurley. 

That being said, McVay didn’t want teams game planning against him differently. 

Hiding an injury is exactly what they did, or what they tried to do. 

After the Super Bowl, they didn’t want to start blaming injuries etc. for their loss. It’s amazing how many people were debating why Gurley got so few carries, when it was so obvious.

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