Former Detroit Lions great Cavlin Johnson was initially denied a marijuana permit when he applied. 

Johnson applied in December for a license to grow, process and sell medical medical marijuana in Webberville, a town that sits between East Lansing and Detroit, in Michigan. 

He was denied after the application process uncovered some unpaid traffic tickets in Atlanta, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Now it looks like he’s good to go. 

According to the Detroit Free Press:

 Johnson took care of his tickets and is now pre-approved, along with his wife Brittney, thanks to a 4-0 vote committee.“Calvin is grateful and looks forward to operating with his brand Primitive in this new venture,” Johnson’s attorney Michael Stein told the Free Press. “He’s hoping to have a big presence in the state.”The Free Press notes that pre-approval does not yet grant Johnson the license to open his proposed business. He’ll have to get approval from a local board before things are finalized.

The NFL continues to ban marijuana as an alternative to opiates and other pain killers among players .

Johnson is the latest former player to make a push into the industry and promote pot.

Joe Montana is also a pot guy. 

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