Stadium released a documentary on Thursday about NBA star Derrick Rose.  The doc is called, “Pooh: The Derrick Rose Story.” 

They also released a clip from the documentary on social media that reveals they had cameras rolling when Rose was traded from the Bulls to the Knicks.  

The clip shows Rose emotional reaction to learning that his hometown team had decided to part ways with him.  Prior to receiving the phone call, Rose was talking about the trade rumors for the documentary.

“You do hear about trade rumors here and there, and this last one, the Knicks one was pretty big because it caught a lot of people’s attention.  I’m good with being in Chicago.  We’re trying to win there, get back on the right track, so that’s the only thing I can think about.  Being in Chicago, but I do hear the rumors.  I never really thought about packing up and leaving or demanding a trade.”

If there really any doubts about where Rose wanted to be prior to being dealt to New York, those can be put to rest.  He wanted to be in Chicago and was very upset about being traded to New York.

It’s a really good look at what players go through sometimes when they get traded.

Things didn’t end up working out for Rose in New York, but he seems to have found his game in Minnesota.

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