Did you just finish a hard training session? Chances are you’re feeling pretty beat up right now, and all you want to do is head home for a meal and some well-deserved rest, right?

However, when you get home, the excitement of the training session hasn’t quite left your body yet. You sit on the couch feeling tired, but your body feels like it’s not over with burning those calories just yet.

It’s common for many athletes to feel this post-training effect, and it leaves you feeling terrible when all you want to do is chill and relax. So, how do you wind down? As an athlete, alcohol is off-limits, and you probably don’t want to start an oxycontin addiction to help you unwind.

Cannabis offers you a real alternative. There’s tons of data showing it promotes an anti-inflammatory and calming effect on users. There’s just one issue – you don’t feel like getting high.


What Are Your Options?

You see, the cannabis plant has two primary cannabinoids that interest researchers. The stuff that gets you high, Delta-9-THC and CBD (cannabidiol), are the two compounds that interest users of cannabis.

While THC has a somewhat soothing, narcotic effect on the user, strong strains can actually promote feelings of anxiety, especially if they have a low tolerance. Feeling like someone’s watching you is not what we’re going for when we think about relaxing after training.

However, CBD promises you all the health benefits of using cannabis without the high. Sounds great, right? Using CBD Vape Oil helps you unwind without feeling like you’re jetting off to the moon. There are no psychoactive components involved with the consumption of CBD through any method.


What are the Effects of CBD on Athletes?

CBD has a potent anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Cannabidiol has a mountain of research behind it, pointing to the inflammatory benefits of the compound.

Consuming CBD helps you limit the inflammation from your training, preventing it from causing damage to your nervous system, helping you recover from training-induced stress faster.

At the same time, CBD has a calming effect on the body, sort of like drinking a really strong cup of chamomile tea. You don’t feel high, but your body feels relaxed – and that’s what we’re looking for as athletes.


How Do Athletes Use CBD Vape Oil?

Vaping presents you with the best delivery system for getting CBD into your bloodstream fast. You can buy pre-loaded “cartridges” from the dispensary or online vendors and attach them to a vape pen.

Vaping on the pen gives you a pre-measured dose directly into your lungs. For those athletes concerned about the effects of vaping on the lungs, don’t stress. Research shows that vaping is nowhere near as harmful as smoking.

Just relax on the couch, and take a few hits of your CBD vape pen. Sit back and take in the relaxation as the CBD sweeps through your body.


Wrapping Up – Choose a High-Quality Source

CBD vape oil is fantastic for reducing inflammation and training stress. However, not all brands are equal. Make sure you’re ordering your CBD from a trusted, reputable, and reliable source.