Yes, betting can be a side hustle — but you must approach it differently than you have been. Take it from someone who has been doing it for the past 5 years.

How must I approach betting differently?

To make money, your bets shall now be based on tips offered by a sport result predictor. That is in contrast to the approach of — selecting a game and predicting one of its results by yourself.

What is a sport result predictor?

A sport result predictor is an entity that offers sport result predictions.

There are many companies in Nigeria that are predictors.

These companies have teams of sport analysts, mathematicians, statisticians, and programmers who create predictions.

They create predictions based on experiences, past sport results, and the present situation of things.

Because they rely on science and mathematics, 95-per-cent of predictions made by the good predictors per month turn out true.

Recommend the best predictor

BetPro360 is the predictor I’ll recommend.

Why BetPro360?

There are two major reasons why I recommended BetPro360 over all other options.

One, BetPro360 is a consistent predictor — there are only a few highly consistent predictors in Nigeria.

Two, BetPro360 is the cheapest of all consistent predictors. By consistent, I mean predictors whose monthly predictions are always highly accurate. Elaborating further, the monthly predictions of most predictors fluctuate between 20-per-cent and 90-per-cent, BetPro360’s accuracy hardly drops below 90-per-cent.

To start your side hustle, sign up now

You can start using betting as a side hustle right from now.

Simply follow this link and sign up.

There is a free plan — but to make big amounts from betting you’ll need a paid plan.

The paid plans are very affordable. You can find their full details here.

Here are the details of two paid plans, just to give an idea of how cheap the plans are —

  1. The Silver Plan

The Silver Plan is the basic plan.

Start with it if you don’t have much money at the moment.

The following is its pricing info —

  Duration Price (Naira, Dollar, Kesh, Cedi, and Rand)
1 1 week N700 / $1.70 / K186.42 / ¢9.76 / R26.13
2 2 weeks N1,300 / $3.16 / K346.21 / ¢18.13 / R48.53
3 1 month N2,500 / $6.07 / K665.80 / ¢34.87 / R93.34
4 3 months N6,500 / $15.79 / K1731.07 / ¢90.66 / R242.67
5 6 months N9,800 / $23.81 / K2609.93 / ¢136.69 / R365.87
6 1 year N16,600 / $40.34 / K4420.90 / ¢231.53 / R619.75

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  1. The Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is to be considered when money isn’t a big problem.

It gives access to more types of prediction.

It is more accurate.

The following is its pricing info —

  Duration Price (Naira, Dollar, Kesh, Cedi, and Rand)
1 1 week N1,600 / $3.89 / K426.11 / ¢22.32 / R59.73
2 2 weeks N2,800 / $6.80 / K745.69 / ¢39.05 / R104.54
3 1 month N5,000 / $12.15 / K1331.60 / ¢69.74 / R186.67
4 3 months N9,400 / $22.84 / K2503.40 / ¢131.11 / R350.94
5 6 months N16,900 / $41.07 / K4500.79 / ¢235.72 / R630.95
6 1 year N28,000 / $68.04 / K7456.93 / ¢390.54 / R1,045.36

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If you have been losing all your life, it may be hard believing that truly betting can be a side hustle.

It’s normal to find it hard believing us.

Just try BetPro360’s free plan and see for yourself; see if we’re genuine or if this is just another marketing gimmick.