NFL players are among the fittest and strongest athletes on the planet. These football players carry out intense, demanding exercise regimes that are designed to put them in the best possible shape.

What if your lifestyle is less energy-intensive than this? Are there still some NFL training tips that can improve your life and health?

Adapt Your Exercises to Your Needs

It is easy to imagine that a full team will carry out the exact same exercises at the same time. Yet, this isn’t the case at all. NFL players will carry out the correct workouts needed for the position that they play.

This list of exercises shows us the favorite tips of some top players. These include Tom Brady’s TB12 routine, Russell Wilson’s box jumps, and Mark Ingram’s boxing workouts. Every player has their own list of exercises that they feel benefit them most.

While all football players need to be strong and fast, the exact physical requirements vary according to their role on the field of play. Some need to be explosively fast, but others value strength or agility more highly.

You should use the same approach of adapting your exercise regime to your needs. Is there a particular health concern that you have or a certain area that you want to improve? There is no need for you to do exactly the same set of exercises as anyone else.     

Stick to a Fixed Routine

The life of a pro footballer sounds pretty good, right? These people earn a fortune for playing a sport that they presumably enjoy. Yet, they also have to make some pretty big sacrifices to get this kind of career.

For a start, they need to have a fixed exercise routine. This means doing the same thing in the same way and at the same time every day. They will also eat and sleep at the same times each day, as part of this routine. 

A look at the top favorites in the football SuperBowl betting odds shows us that these games are often between two very well matched teams. Any sort of advantage that teams can gain may prove to be vital to their chances of winning. 

For most of us, there is no real need to have such a rigid approach to training. A bit of variety can help to keep it fresh for longer too.  

Yet, there are some benefits to taking a serious approach to setting up a fixed routine. This is more likely to become an important part of your life. You are far less likely to skip a session or arrange something else for the same time if it is a fixed part of your weekly routine. 

The Importance of Nutrition

It isn’t all about exercising. They will probably train from Tuesday to Friday if there is a game on Sunday. However, they need to look after their nutrition every single day.

These athletes tend to follow high-calorie diets that are packed with protein. This allows the players to train and play with the maximum amount of energy. By putting the right food into their bodies, they can produce the lean muscle that they need.

No exercise program will be of any use to you if you don’t eat quality food. This is why you also need to adopt the NFL method of big, healthy breakfasts, nutritious snacks, and lean meat. You should also try to eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables as they do.

By following these sensible NFL tips, you can feel fitter and stronger than ever before. Even if you don’t follow football or any other sport, it is well worth giving a try.