Over the years, we have seen many if not all games with online features to at least include some in-game purchases to buy goods or some kind of in-game currency to make your experience worth while in the game. And the same applies to the latest addition of EA football franchise, FIFA 21.

FIFA Coins (FUT coins) are the in-game currency in FIFA that you can use to make purchases related to packs and items in the game. But before spending these coins, you must earn them somehow and in FIFA 21, you can earn these coins by many methods such as playing matches and trading items amongst some others.

But many players have been asking around if it’s possible to buy coins without getting their accounts banned or is it even possible to buy these FIFA 21 coins and what’s the place to buy these coins. So, in this short guide we will be answering all these questions.

Does FIFA 21 Allow Coins Purchase? 

Now before we actually get into what would happen if you buy the coins or where you can buy them, its important that we know if FIFA actually allows or stop the players from buying the coins.

Well, according to the FIFA 21’s terms of service, any sort of trading or purchasing or selling of the in-game currency is a violation of EA’s policy and that means you can not buy or sell these coins and if you do so, you’ll be risking not only your FIFA 21 account but all your EA games might get affected as well.

Now why is it a big deal to buy coins? Well, the reason why EA doesn’t allow purchases or trading of these coins is because it messes with the fair-play system. When you buy coins outside of the legal means set by EA, you are actually getting benefited over all the players playing the game and you’d always end up having the upper hand.

What Happens When You Buy Coins?

When you decide to buy coins outside of FIFA and get caught, according to FIFA’s new penalty code, as a first-time offender you will be warned through your email address by a mail saying that you’ve offended EA’s policy and your account stats will be reset back to the start, which includes all your FUT coins and players and you will have to start the game all over again but Yes, there is a ban if you get caught multiple times.

 As a seller however, if you get caught you will lose your EA account with all the games without any sort of warning because that’s not in the best interest of EA, now is it?

Where Can you Buy FIFA 21 Coins?

Alright, now that we know buying coins is considered to be against FIFA’s fair play policy, that does mean it’d unfair if you were able to buy coins in FIFA itself too, right? Turns out there are ways you can actually buy coins inside of the game as well, albeit indirectly.

So, “Buying” is buying whether you buy it inside or outside the game and one of the best places you could buy FIFA 21 or literally any in-game currency is Eldorado. You will find all of the games with best prices and safest way to go through the smooth transaction to keep it as secure as possible.