The Colorado Rockies have been pretty inactive at the trade deadline. The front office is not very active whether they are winning or losing games, so it’s a fair question if anything will happen this year for them. It’s a question that has been lingering in every Colorado betting enthusiast.

The outlook for the next season or the one after is unfavorable, and this team has no chance of making it to the playoffs. However, they have an opportunity now while their future roster looks grim. The best way is to restock the farm system with elite players that can help improve them quickly.

Bill Schmidt will have his first big test as the Rockies’ General Manager, but it is reasonable to assume they’ll do little or nothing before this deadline.

The Rockies will need to move Trevor Story if they want a chance of competing shortly. He is unlikely to re-sign with them, as he could make much more money elsewhere. Colorado must trade him and receive prospects or draft picks back from another team for this not to happen.

The Rockies should focus on keeping the rotation together and not moving Gray. Once that is secure, they can build around it by signing him to a contract this offseason. Additionally, Charles Blackmon is arguably one of the most iconic players in Colorado. However, he has never been traded and likely won’t be for a long time as Rockies fans have grown to love him over his years with the team.

With veteran reliever Mychal Givens pitching well, the Orioles should look into trading him. His 2.73 ERA and 10.3 K/9 make him one of Baltimore’s trade chips for teams looking to bolster their bullpen at this point in the season. Daniel Bard is another piece that could get moved if he lowers his 5-plus ERA by July 31st. In their absence, Justin Lawrence can have time to receive regular appearances in late innings as closer with an uncertain future ahead for both relievers on the team’s rosters.

The Rockies have a lot of catching depth, but Elias Diaz has been playing so well that they might trade him for another player. However, if he keeps this up, it would make sense to keep around since the team lacks other good options behind the plate.

Sadly, the Rockies are likely not to change this trade deadline, giving them a slim chance of getting better. They may only get some offensive prospects to build on their current core of pitching talent. If they manage this well enough, perhaps we can see them be competitive again sometime soon; but will that happen? It is unlikely right now.