The L.A. Lakers have always been one of the most respected squads in the NBA, and it comes as no surprise to find that they are the favourite team of many people around the world. However, compared to times past, it seems as though the Lakers are somewhat underperforming.

Getting into the NBA finals was a done-deal for the Lakers just a few years ago, but now, we question whether or not they will even be able to make it so far in the competition. Well, the answer to this question becomes seemingly obvious once you are in possession of some simple yet important knowledge, and this is precisely what we are going to be giving you in this article. Let’s get straight into it.

Talented Beyond Measure

For those of you who say there is hope for the Lakers, we have good news for you; you are not wrong. While the performance of the Lakers has been somewhat shaky as of late, they are still one of the best teams to ever hit the court. 

Sure, you could argue that the Lakers we see today are not the same Lakers that we saw in the past, and this may be true to some extent. The days where the Lakers absolutely dominated the competition with no match might be over, but that’s not to say they aren’t still one of the most formidable competitors in the league. 

It comes as no surprise to see that when people are betting online on Unibet sportsbook they notice that the Lakers are favored to a considerable degree despite the public’s growing disbelief in the team – statistics don’t lie. The L.A. Lakers undoubtedly have more than enough talent and skillful players to take the competition by storm. If they manage to just get their heads down and put in the work, we may even see them claim yet another victory. 

A Prestigious Reputation To Upkeep 

When it comes to teams with impressive reputations, there are none that can match that of the L.A. Lakers. Having such a prestigious reputation to uphold is going to be a drive like no other, and having the goal of returning back to their former glory in mind at all times is likely going to give them an unending source of motivation to pull from. 

The Lakers will need to improve if they want a shot at winning. That’s just a fact. However, when you pair the insatiable drive to regain their lost reputation with the unfathomable skill that most Lakers players possess, this is just a recipe for success, and these two factors alone are going to be enough to give the Lakers a sizable advantage when compared to the vast majority of other NBA teams.

To sum the contents of this article up in one fell swoop; the L. A Lakers could easily return to the finals next season, if they are willing to put in the required work to fix up some of their lagging areas. In reality, the main problem with the Lakers is simply complacency. 

Being at the top for too long can make you feel invincible, and while every other team is working hard to improve, the Lakers have seemingly just taken a back seat and relished in their unfathomable accomplishments.

 Although, this may be set to change pretty soon, and now that the Lakers have caught on to what is happening, it is not likely that they will continue taking this approach for all too much longer. Catch you in the next one.