Super Bowl 2022.

Before you start placing your Super Bowl prop bets, it is worthwhile thinking about the two teams who will be participating in this year’s Super Bowl. 

We did not quite expect this line-up. Before the playoffs most of us would have placed all our money on the Buccaneers facing off against the Chiefs. However, we got something totally different instead. The Rams did very well this season. 

However, the surprise was the Bengals, they have not done so well since 2015, in fact after their 2019 and 2020 seasons, to see them at the Super Bowl this year seems almost insane!

However, here we are, expecting to see them  


Now that we know that the Rams and the Bengals will face off, we have many people making predictions, and not many of these predictions are in the favor of the Bengals. 

Most come to the conclusion that the Rams will absolutely decimate them without mercy. 

However, both teams spurred an astounding double-digit comeback in their conference championships. 

The Bengals destroyed the anticipated winners – the Kansas City Chiefs after they were lacking in 18 points. Which tied them for the largest comeback in the history of the AFL. Their defense is solid, and they had the fresh quarterback Joe Burrow making some massive throws to complete this epic effort. 

We cannot help but wonder if they used up all their tricks to get here, or if they have some more magic under their belt. Of course, we cannot forget their fresh new receiver Chase, who has broken plenty of records in his rookie year. 

Perhaps, the Bengals do have, but it looks that at most bookmakers they will be the underdog team in the odds. 

Then we have the Rams, in their conference championship game, they were behind 17-7 in the second half, but they scored 13 solid and earned their bid. This win broke a six game straight losing streak, coming back with a vengeance. 

The Rams are favorites to win, and they have opened as a four-point favorite. They did have much lower odds than the Bengals did before the playoffs, but the playoffs changed that fast! 

As it stands the betting is looking pretty tight, and it could realistically go absolutely anywhere. We would bet on the Bengals, but maybe we are just a bit soft for the underdogs and want the long downtrodden team to snag themselves a win. 

What kind of stats are we looking at here? 

Well, if you are planning on doing some moneyline betting on the Super Bowl, the average seems to be +160 for the Bengals, and -195 for the Rams with  +/- spread of +4.5, as you might expect. 

But, Why?

Why? Why? Why? 

There are many reasons why the odds are leaning toward the Rams. First, Bengal’s pass block is not the hottest spot. It is probably going to be key to the game and the teams are unmatched. 

Don’t get us wrong, the Bengals are hot in other places, but this is not exactly their forte, not in comparison to the Rams. 

Of course, the Bengals also have a weak schedule. They played one of the weakest schedules in the league this year, while the Rams played one of the toughest divisions.

You could argue this either way, but some believe that the Ram’s veteran talent will be a big winner, of course, that is a solid reason. However, we can’t forget that the fresh new blood with the Bengals has plenty of potential. 

However, the Rams remind us that new is not always better, and sometimes a veteran team can be worthwhile. It all depends on the players and how that coin toss goes. Does the new blood have a chance? We won’t know. 

Where are you placing your bets? 

A Thought About The Past. 

We want to take a moment to note just how incredible this season has been. It is Brady’s last season, we have seen new blood take the cake, some amazing rivalries. But, best of all, the Bengals return to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1989! 

In the past the Rams have done well, they have been building up since their shoddy 2016 season with a win-loss rate of 4-12. However, last year they got 10-6 and the year before 9-7. 

But the Bengals, not so long, only last year was their win-loss rate 4-11-1. And they have not been above 3rd in their division since 2015! This is a big year for them, and they’ve really done well.