While it may have been unheard of a mere few years ago, vaping CBD is now all the rage, and it may offer benefits that go above and beyond what’s possible with any other kind of CBD product. Is it possible to buy CBD vapes online like other CBD products, however, or are vapes containing CBD subject to any additional restrictions? Learn the answer in this guide, and find out how to choose the best CBD vape pen to buy online.

What Are CBD Vapes?

A CBD vape is a device designed to vaporize hemp flower extract containing high concentrations of CBD and less than 0.3% THC. The most common type of CBD vape consists of a cartridge that attaches to a rechargeable battery, but disposable models consisting of cartridges and batteries combined into a single unit are rising in popularity.

What Do CBD Vapes Do?

Instead of making you feel high, CBD vapes simply accentuate the naturally relaxing properties of cannabidiol. Vaping CBD doesn’t change the inherent characteristics of this cannabinoid, but it might make CBD kick in faster and more potently.

After you inhale a hit of CBD vapor, you should start feeling the effects within 30-60 seconds. The CBD vape experience lasts around 60-90 minutes — simply take another hit after around two hours to provide a consistent CBD boost throughout the day.

Are CBD Vapes Legal?

As long as they contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, CBD vapes are generally considered to be industrial hemp products under the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning they are treated the same as other CBD products containing less than this federally mandated THC threshold. While certain states have taken measures to restrict the sale of vapes (CBD and otherwise), these local laws usually have no effect on online sales.

Can You Buy CBD Vapes Online?

Yes, it is certainly possible to buy CBD vapes online as long as you are over 18-21 years old and have access to a credit card. CBD vapes are generally not subject to any more restrictions than any other type of CBD product, so you can (in most cases) buy a CBD vape online at websites like https://cheapweed.io/product-category/vape-carts/ just as easily as you would a hemp tincture. The vast majority of CBD vape manufacturers ship to all 50 states.

How to Pick the Best CBD Vapes

Ready to buy CBD vapes online? Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the hallmarks of a high-quality CBD vape you should look out for as you make your selection:


CBD vapes should only contain two ingredients: organic, full-spectrum CBD distillate and organic, strain-specific cannabis terpenes. Ingredients like PG, VG, and vitamin E acetate are not only useless, but they could be dangerous. The best CBD vapes on the market only contain the two ingredients listed above, and live resin terpenes are considered to be a cut above the rest when it comes to CBD vapes.

Lab Reports

Trustworthy CBD vape products come with third-party, batch-specific lab reports that are easy to find and contain all the categories of information you need:

  • Cannabinoid percentages
  • Terpene percentages
  • Contaminant information

If lab reports for a CBD vape product are absent, hard to find, or incomplete, you have no way of assessing the value or safety of the product you’re considering. Always demand lab reports before buying a CBD product.

Customer Reviews

Unless a company is very new, it should have quite a few reviews for its CBD vape products. These reviews should be verified as genuine, and they should be overwhelmingly positive. There are many other manufacturers to consider if the CBD vape brand you were considering falls through.

Why You Should Buy CBD Vapes Online

If you’ve never tried inhaling CBD before, you’ve never experienced the full limit of what this cannabinoid is capable of. Even CBD flower doesn’t hold a candle to the potency of CBD vape extract: At 50-80% potency, CBD vapes provide an unprecedented intense CBD experience that nonetheless never gets near to getting you high.

CBD vapes may be cropping up everywhere these days, but your selection is much better online than you could find at any vape or specialty shop. With online vape stores often shipping to places you can’t buy vapes in-person, the benefits of buying CBD vapes online are clear.