According to CTV Winnipeg, Todd Wilson, the president of the Winnipeg Rifles, a team that plays in the Canadian Junior Football League, published the post on his Facebook page Saturday night. 

The Winnipeg Jets had just defeated the Predators in their second-round Stanley Cup playoff series two days prior on Thursday, in a Game 7. On Saturday evening, the Jets opened the Western Conference finals against the Vegas Golden Knights, whose backup goaltender is Malcolm Subban, P.K.’s younger brother.

The CJFL released a statement from commissioner Jim Pankovich: 

On May 12, the Canadian Junior Football League’s Deputy Commissioner made an insensitive Facebook post while at a hockey game. His comments offended several individuals and groups, and are not consistent with the values of the CJFL to provide opportunities for all individuals 18-22 years of age. The CJFL does not support or stand by the comments and we want to offer our apologies to anyone who was hurt by the immature behaviour.

Jim Pankovich
CJFL Commissioner

“Last night I added a post while at a hockey game. It appears that some people interpreted the post as something other than it was intended. Following the game, I immediately removed the post. For anyone that felt offended, it was certainly not intended that way, but rather a poor attempt at humour. I sincerely apologize for the post and please understand that my comments do not represent any of the organizations that I volunteer with.”

People need to just put down their phones. It might sound funny to you, but just keep the thought in your head. Social Media isn’t worth losing your job over.