At the end of the Sharks 4-0 win over the Canucks on Friday night, a scrap between Vancouver’s Antoine Roussel and San Jose’s Marc-Edouard Vlasic broke out.

During the brief scrap Roussel bit Vlasic’s hand.  The two players didn’t get off any real punches and were pushing and shoving each other when the bite took place.  You can see the bite in the slow motion video of the two as they were being separated.

The bite will cost Roussel $5k.  That’s the amount the NHL decided to fine him on Saturday, via USA Today Sports:

The NHL on Saturday announced it will levy of fine of $5,000 against Roussel, who has a history of supplemental discipline.

He was suspended for two games in February 2015 for a cross-check against the Boston Bruins and fined $5,376 earlier that season for throwing a sucker punch against a Sharks player.

Roussel, who began his career with the Dallas Stars, has 871 career penalty minutes in 434 games. He signed a four-year, $12 million contract with Vancouver during the offseason.

To be fair to Roussel, Vlasic did stick his hand in his mouth.  And with a name like Vlasic, you really can’t go around sticking your hand in people’s mouths and expect them not to take a bite.