Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald hasn’t yet decided if he’ll be retiring at the end of the season.  The 15-year veteran admitted this season has been a frustrating one for him.

Fitzgerald also revealed that if he does return in 2019, it will only be with the Cardinals.  He has no plans to play for another team.

Via AZ Central:

Has he wondered if this particular home game might really be his last?

“It may. It may not,” he said. “NFL careers end every Sunday. I’m just blessed to be able to play the game I love.”

Just to be sure, we asked Fitzgerald if he plans to stay true to his words from earlier this year when he said if he decides to continue playing, it would only be for the Cardinals and no one else.

“I have never had any desire to play anywhere else,” he assured. “I started here.”

If he’s frustrated this season then he should probably just retire.  Next season will be more if the same in Arizona.  They have a ton of problems.