Assuming the Rockets release him, Melo could have his veteran’s minimum $2.4 million contract claimed on waivers, or he could clear waivers and become a free agent. 

Anthony could sign immediately with a new team, or wait and see what fit could develop in the marketplace.

During an appearance on The Jump on ESPN in which Marc Spears was asked where Anthony may head next, he said #Melo2LA is a non-starter, even if Anthony remains a close friend of LeBron James:

“I’d keep my eye on Miami, Philly. Philly’s interested. I am hearing that, not the Lakers. I think the Lakers are done.”

We’ll see where Anthony winds up. It’s possible that no winning team would want to add him to the mix. At 34 years old, Melo isn’t the player he once was. 

We’ll see who takes the bait on Melo.