Carmelo and Lala Anthony have had their fair share of rough patches throughout their marriage. However as far as the public knows, these two are still very much together. Now it looks like Lala may possibly be straying? 

Via Media Take Out

Drake and LaLa Anthony were spotted last night having dinner together in New Orleans. The two were caught by paparazzi as they left Oceana Grill – in the popular French Quarter. We know what you’re saying – was this a DATE??? Well we’re not sure. It was just the two of them having dinner together – so maybe. But, there is an alternative explanation. You see Drake is filming the video for his new single “In My Feelings” in New Orleans – and we’re told that LaLa will be the leading lady in the video.

Looks like they may just be working together, still, If I’m Melo, I have to be a little bit concerned, no? Drake has a lot more going on for him in his career. Melo, he’s still all set financially.