Cover star and Tennis star, Caroline Wozniacki, talks all things  tennis in the September issue of Ocean Drive Magazine. The superstar athlete and Miami resident opens up about her friendship with Serena Williams, life on  Fisher Island, and leaving it all on the court. 

Check out the photos from the shoot below: 

Some snippets from the interview: 

You were one of the few friends in the tennis world who went to Serena Williams’ wedding.
CW: She’s such a great champion but also a good friend. She’s so fun to be around and she makes me laugh. She’s taught me a lot about speaking up and having my own voice. No matter how much she achieves on the court, she is always the same caring person, and I really respect that.

How do you switch off those feelings of affection when, say, you’re facing Serena in the semis of the U.S. Open?
CW: Honestly, you just know that on the court is one thing, but off the court is completely different. We give it our all and the best player wins on the day and that’s that. It doesn’t affect the friendship. You leave it all on the court.

Victory at Flushing Meadows has been elusive, but what is your take on the U.S. Open?
CW: I love the U.S. Open. It’s probably my favorite tournament of the year. I’ve had a place in the city for a few years now. The New York crowd has taken me in. I made the finals in 2009 for the first time, and ever since, I’ve enjoyed playing there. The atmosphere is amazing. There’s nothing better than playing on Arthur Ashe Stadium at night. It’s electric. It gets loud and I like that. There are people like Billie Jean King in the house for that tournament.

How does it feel to have her there?
CW: If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t be where we are today in women’s tennis. It’s great to have such an icon there. She’s so engaged and talks to all the players.

You are considered one of the most glamorous players on the tour. Do you think that ever takes away from perceptions of you as an athlete?
CW: I take it as a compliment. I think every woman wants to look good and dress well. Obviously, I want to be the best tennis player I can be, and I work hard for that every single day. When you have the opportunity to have a little bit of a say in the designs you’re wearing, it’s amazing. I think if you feel you look good, you play better; you can keep your focus on the ball. When I’m off the court, I love to dress up and look nice.