Have you noticed how casinos have more or less the same kind of designs? How that when you are in a casino you know you are in a casino and how that when you walk on the carpets, its lush clean and soft appeal makes you want to stay there indefinitely. If you hadn’t before, you might notice now and there is a reason for all of this. The secret is in the design and you may be surprised to learn its all done to keep you there. Find out more on how casinos have had experts reveal the psychology behind how everything has been designed and why – follow link.

The Crazy Design And Layout

Ever noticed the warped carpet designs or the labyrinth layout of the casino? They are designed like this to disorientate players and sort of trick them into feeling dizzy enough to sit down and maybe drop some money all in hopes of gaining more money for the house. 

The Night Time Illusion

All casinos appear darkened on the inside, almost as if its night time around the clock. You’ll walk out of a casino at noon and think its midnight until the sun hits you in the face. So have you wondered why this so and howcome it’s always so comforting within a casino.

Casinos have been designed to fool players into not having any concept of the time. This encourages them to stay longer than they should and then once again spend money.

Comfortable and Leisure

You’ll notice there are a number of bars and waitresses to allow for a more comfortable experience. Your needs are the casino’s first concern as they want you to return and spend more money. So everything has been laid out to create a welcoming and comforting environment. The servers are trained to attend to all your needs before you even know you have them. Many casinos also offer free food and beverage to high rollers, ensuring their mouths are fed and stomachs are full so they needn’t get up and leave.

Slot Machine Layouts

You may find that some casinos have laid out their slots in a rather odd manner. This is because the layout design is meant to give you as much full view of the other machines so that you will be tempted to play more than one machine. There are also many slot achiness which accepts minimal deposits allowing any bankroll to be accepted. This attracts players and the casino makes a lot of money from slot machines. The slots also bring in new players travelling through town, which is an important part of business. Tourists bring in great money and the casino has been designed to attract in all kinds of players.

Poker Rooms

The design of poker rooms have been created for high rollers and they aim at pleasing. High rollers needs are readily available and tended to keep them happy and comfortable.

This is how casinos are designed and why they are designed like this. You are a very special reason for all of it!