No one monitors their health like a sportsman.  They would do anything to maintain their wellness and enhance their performance in the game, which is connected with their physical body and mental strength.  In the same way, anyone who is into sports knows that in physical pain or injury is an inevitable product of being an athlete or a professional sports player.

Football, one of the most popular sports in the world and the most loved in America, demands the professionals to bring an electric energy to the field, not to forget how physically demanding and mentally exhausting this sport can be.  CBD-infused products work like a miracle for football players, and as a matter of fact, for any athlete or sportsman. 

Apart from its therapeutic qualities, there are a lot of exclusive CBD benefits for football players. Let’s check them out. 

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds extracted from cannabis plant. The plus point of this compound is the 0.3 or below quantity of THC (the mind-altering compound), which separates it from the list of controlled substances, such as marijuana and cannabis (as per the 2018 Farm Bill). Thus, it is now legalized in all 50 states of the US. 

CBD claims to cure diseases like anxiety, depression, inflammation, muscular and joint pains, even epilepsy.  The best part is that it is organic, inexpensive and easily available across America. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the human body, which regulates anxiety, mood, pain, and appetite. The results of using CBD-infused products by humans have thus been miraculous. 

Is CBD safe for football players? 

As per a study by the University of Washington in 2011, more than 50% of NFL (National Football League) players were on some kind of CBD-infused product.  Both retired and active NFL players believe that are quite effective in dealing with pain than other prescribed drugs, more because it is organic, thus safer for players.  Plus, they are non-intoxicating. 

How does CBD benefits football players?

In spite of no hardcore evidence, CBD-infused products have successfully shown extraordinary improvement in people’s health and wellness, that includes, better mood, reduction in anxiety and depression, lowered blood pressure, and lessened joint and muscular pains. 

Some of the greatest benefits of CBD for football players are given below

  1. Instant and long term pain relief: Studies have shown CBD intake has miraculously reduced or completely healed joint as well as muscular pain, even chronic ones.  It is no secret that football players suffer from a lot of injuries and head traumas. Thus, it helps in not only healing them in the most natural way, but also ensures the longevity of their career. 
  2. Reduces stress: One of the many benefits of using CBD by football players is reduction of stress.  We all know the troubles and pressure our athletes are in—from a simple accident to life-threatening injury, these men suffer through it all! CBD plays an important role in putting them at ease.  In fact, many medical practitioners in the US believe that players should treated with CBD-infused products openly now.
  3. It stimulates the appetite and settles the gut:  It is vital for a player’s body to have sufficient intake of protein and vitamins. As per a study, the athletes who took CBD had a greater appetite than the ones who didn’t. CBD also helps in reducing weight in a balanced way than placebo. 
  4. Improves sleep: Many studies have proved that the first step towards growth is a sound sleep.  A good night’s sleep is pretty much an answer to success and in this case, recovery. Even so, the stress and pressure of the game often leads to sleepless nights. A controlled dosage of CBD helps in alleviating pain and stress, which helps athletes to fall asleep peacefully.
  5. Better mindset: Having a calm mind can do miracles to your career, everyone knows that. CBD intake exactly does that to your mindset. With reduction of anxiety and depression (as per a study by Harvard Medical School), better sleep routine, balanced weight, etc, there is no wonder that cannabidiol helps in improving as well as maintaining a good mental health. 


All of the above benefits make CBD an optimal product for football players.  In case, you are wondering about passing the drug test, well, CBD has very low THC, which is responsible for mind altering effects.  However, it is advisable to every sport person to use CBD-infused products after having a conversation about the same with their drug screening authority.