Yankees Pitcher CC Sabathia has returned home for his May 4th Star Wars-themed bobblehead day.

Gearing up in style, the big man was fully dressed as Yoda, handing out his bobbleheads to the fans.

Check it out below:  

In a 2018 interview with StarWars.com,

Sabathia confirmed that he’s been a huge Star Wars fan since.

My earliest Star Wars memory, I think, is my dad taking me to see the first one. And, I just remember walking in, being mesmerized by, like, what I was seeing on the screen and just being locked in. He was such a big Star Wars fan that it kind of made me one immediately.

And now it’s something he enjoys with his children as well.

My kids love it. They’re all into it. My youngest son, he’s seven, he’s the biggest fan. But my girls have gotten into it now because of Rey…the last two movies, they really loved it and they’ve gone back and watched the rest of them, so we watch it as a family now. The whole series.

Sabathia also revealed that he plans on attending a few Star Wars conventions once he’s retired. 

Man he’s a serious fanboy. 

May the Fourth be with Him!

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