According to Formula One Group, which continues to modify the brand’s exit from the racing tracks, it was possible to conclude a very promising contract.


CEO Chase Carey, along with Liberty Media, continue to redesign services to engage young audiences in F-1 racing and beyond the racetrack.


Thus, the new contract signed between Formula One Group and the New Zealand company Sagidis Limited, which in turn is an expert company in the Non-fungible token industry, has become a very promising direction for both parties. For a newly minted sponsor, at first glance, this contract will allow expanding the status of the company and introducing a new contribution to the investment fund, with the support of such a powerful guarantor as F-1, the company will be able to develop more dynamically in its own market. On the other hand, this sponsorship contract allows both parties to start the full-scale entry of the Formula One Group into the digital NFT world. CEO Chase Carey signs promising contracts every year to attract a larger audience, but this contract may look much more interesting in the future, not only from the point of view of a young audience, but also with a new large-scale market that is developing very quickly in financial markets.