Former NFL superstar Chad Johnson is a guy who brags about saving money, and this time it may have cost him. 

Our sources tell us Chad was allegedly arrested on Saturday in Miami for failure to pay and extend a rental car from Avis. 

Chad rented the car on December 9th and never extended the contract, which made the car go on alert for an immediate repo. 

Long story short, Chad was pulled over on Saturday, the contract details say no valid ID, and then his brother tried to come pay for the car once he had been taken into custody.

And get this, it was all over a Volkswagen Jetta. 

Check out this now deleted tweet below: 

Here’s some old tweets from Chad talking about his Frugality: 

There’s being cheap, and then there’s being dumb. 

Chad was trying to be slick, he changed his profile photo after he was arrested and deleted that tweet. 

Sorry Chad. 

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