Blonde bombshell Kinsey Wolanski’s fame soared to spectacular new heights when she took to the soccer field in a skimpy black swimsuit during the Champions League final.

Wolanski’s eye-catching streaking saw her Instagram following skyrocket by well over 1 million in the hours after the stunt.

However, her plans for new levels of fame appear to have hit a snag as her account is now missing, with anyone attempting to find some of the 22-year-old blonde stunner’s previous snaps being met with the message:

“This photo or video has been removed from Instagram.”

Of course she claims she was hacked. 

The model is the girlfriend of Russian-American YouTube prankster Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Zdorovetskiy tweeted after Wolanski was released by Spanish police and saying she feels “amazing.” 

A streaking stunt to get more IG followers, what could possibly go wrong? 

Check out more pics of the Streaker below:  

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