If despite the global pandemic, the Eurocup will take place during the summer, there are a few things to consider. Some teams have bounced back from a year long absence, while others will take part in the tournament for the first time ever. And, as these tournaments usually are filled with surprises, you can never know what will happen with the mentioned team. This makes it all the more fun to discuss it and maybe take the chance to bet on it. The money you could make with correct bets on the underdog is surely worth it.

Finland: First time participant

This tournament will be the first big European tournament that Suomi gets to participate in when it comes to soccer. That in itself is quite an accomplishment that was achieved by the current national team. What they have going for them is a bad name when it comes to soccer. Nobody will expect them to get very far. However, this was also the case when Iceland entered the tournaments a couple of years ago and they managed to surprise everyone by getting quite far. Let’s see what will happen with Finland.

Netherlands: Back again

Historically, the Netherlands has always been considered a great country for soccer. Legendary players like Johan Cruijf, Ruud Gullit and more helped create the football nation that the lower lands are today. However, recently the country hasn’t been able to live up to its name. It has missed a couple of tournaments, but will be back this year with a stronger team. Question remains if they are good enough yet or still need some extra years to reach the top again.

Other surprises

One big surprise was that Zlatan announced that he may return to the national team for the Eurocup this year. This is surprising as the Swedish star player has been retired from this team since 2016, when he played his last tournament. And like this, you’ll find many more surprises. This obviously makes gambling on it a lot of fun. Don’t worry though, if you feel like you don’t have enough knowledge to bet on soccer. On this website you can choose a reliable no account casino with iDeal in which you can choose from a big array of soccer themed slot machines to get you familiar with the game. And maybe even win some money that you can use to place your very first bet.