The Los Angeles Chargers aren’t finished losing close games or getting bounced early in the playoffs.  37-year-old quarterback Philip Rivers is entering the final year of his contract with the team and according to general manager Tom Telesco, “he’s not going anywhere.”

The Chargers are planning to start working on an extension with Rivers this off-season.


“I can tell you he’s not going anywhere, so he’s going to be here,” Telesco said. “We’ll talk at the right point, as far as the moves we need to make in the offseason, the resources we have and how it all fits in. But yeah, he’s not going anywhere.”

The 37-year-old quarterback has said he believes he can still play at a high level for years to come and wants to be around when the Chargers open their new stadium in September 2020.

The Chargers are locked in with Philip Rivers, but they may want to start looking for his replacement.  His skills could diminish at any point.  You don’t want to be left standing without a quarterback.