Charles Barkley and Madonna sitting in a tree?

Rumors started to fly that Barkley was dating pop icon Madonna, and that took a major toll on Maureen’s family. Barkley and Madonna’s stories began after Barkley moved away from Philadelphia to Phoenix. Barkley tried to stay above it all and ignore the reports, but after a certain point he couldn’t.

Rumors swirled around his love life. Charles and wife Maureen were separated at the time, and the reasons were never made public. The story of Mad-Char eventually faded, but it resurfaced less than a year later during Madonna’s legendarily contentious interview with David Letterman.

Charles was on the Dan Patrick show this morning and clarified his relationship with Madonna. They were set up but only had dinner together. They had dinner for several hours with friends also at the table, and Charles explained Madonna was great, she was pretty normal, but that was the last he ever saw her. 

Nothing ever went down after the one time he met her, or so Charles says.

Hopefully that puts an end to the Charles and Madonna rumors.

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