ESPN’s docuseries “The Last Dance” has given its viewers an inside look at Michael Jordan and his dynastic run through the NBA with the Chicago Bulls.

The series has shown Jordan at both his highest and lowest, from inside the locker room celebrating a championship, to the intense practices it took to get them there.

Episodes seven and eight of “The Last Dance” delved into Jordan’s treatment of his teammates, keying in on his name-calling of Scott Burrell and a fight he had with Steve Kerr.

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At the end of episode seven, Jordan explained himself.

But Charles Barkley explains how Michael went about bullying. 

Apparently he chose his bully victims wisely.  

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“Well, you know he has selective prosecution over there, right? He knows who to pick on,” Barkley said. “There’s certain guys you can’t treat like that. You have to know what guys you can treat badly, and they’re gonna accept it. Screaming at guys all the time, punching guys — come on, man.

“There’s certain guys that would whoop the hell out of you if you tried doing that. He has selective prosecution. I mean, Scott Burrell and Steve Kerr. Come on, man.”

Check out MJ explaining himself below:  

If MJ was bullying you, it most likely resulted in an NBA championship for you. 

So totally worth it to take a little abuse for a championship.  

And one day you can tell your grandkids you got picked on by Michael Jordan. 

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